These are the brands I've helped grow with logos and consultation to improve their place in the respective markets.

  • The Fillion Brand, a dedicated YouTube channel centered around fitness, initially approached for a logo design. Since then, their subscriber base has flourished to 940 as of the latest count. Moreover, they frequently seek our strategic consultation to further augment their presence.

    Fillion's YouTube Channel 
  • Back 9 Sporting Goods offers its customers top-notch pre-owned sporting goods. When they approached with a logo concept, we worked closely to refine and finalize a design that resonates with them.

    Back 9 Sporting Goods 
  • They approached to create a logo for their brand, which specializes in crafting personalized collections of premium athletic wear tailored specifically for their discerning East Coast clientele.

    Athletic Coast Apparel 
  • Great Lakes Gridiron Podcast sought assistance in creating their podcast branding.
    Together, we honed in on an aesthetic that exceeded their expectations.

    Great Lakes Gridiron Podcast 

Personal Projects

Outside of client engagements, my dedication to the craft of graphic design remains unwavering. I regularly engage in sketching and refining ideas on paper, tablet, and computer persistently striving to refine my skills and versatility in the field. This innate drive for creativity propels me forward, underpinning my steadfast commitment to achieving excellence across all facets of design.

Creative Blok

A situation that stretches beyond those that self identify as creative. Helpful insights on how to handle this and more below.

  • A fictional event poster that depicts a rally cross event at a fictional venue of red rocks. The 'rocks' is in red to represent the venue area.
  • Red Rocks Rally Cross fictional event poster that is majority yellow with a car blended with a background to appear racing around a bend.
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  • A line art style patch logo with mountains, a spherical object, and text reading Backpacker Unlimited
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An illustration of the desert with cactus in foreground and arid rock formations in the background


A logo done for the upcoming streaming channel of the monikered artist known as Synthwave. They are obsessed with the cyberpunk, retro-futuristic art deco scene.

  • A photo of the north rim canyon road post rain storm. Lots of trees and reflections - edited to a moody, dark vibe

    Grand Canyon, AZ

  • Lake Pleasant, AZ

  • Unreal Engine 5, PC

  • In N Out, CA

  • Parker Barber, LA

  • Baton Rouge, LA