Piece of Peace

In recent, my piece of peace was taken from me - mind you I probably encouraged it to some degree. I wasn’t bothered by the monetary value as I much as the peace this piece brought me. It allowed me to get out and about. Not a problem crossed my mind. No fear of tomorrow - It was absolute bliss. Every kick of my foot was one step farther away from all my problems, one step further to care free. It pushed the cool wind through my hair and brought about all the positive vibes one could ask for. The only thing I’d worry about is smooth pavement for maximum velocity. 
Every ride was a refreshing experience. I’d find a road and ride it up only to turn back around and cruise down it again. This typically reminds us of insanity, but every cruise was a different experience. The hope is that you can find a way to escape for a moment without a care, it’s therapeutic to the core. Something to find yourself in a moment of peace, something to be present doing. 

“Do whatever gets you excited, and keep doing it.”

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I felt this same feeling when I was snowboarding! I like the artistic use of words as well!

Andrew Fillion

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