Master of None?

I recently saw a post that said ‘you aren’t a master of none; you have ADD.’ This resonated to my core. I’ve tried my hand at anything that felt interesting I.e. guitar, woodwork, dioramas, animation, painting, skating, etc. I’m not an expert at any of these. I did get a little better at understanding myself through all of these attempts. Simply put they were a hyper fixation until finding something else that felt more feasible.  A majority of these ‘hobbies’ are, at their base, an attempt to exit the whole rat race of the 9-5 trap. I could probably make a quick 5 tips article about each one I’ve tried and maybe help someone who is starting out. I’d be hesitant because again zero expertise outside of giving it a hyper fixated effort for a relatively short amount of time. There are some things that stuck - Graphic Design, Coding, Guitar, and Illustration to name a few. A few of those even pay my bills currently. Who would have thought?
The point is that I’m not at the zero mark on these endeavors - It’s easier to pick them up when I’m feeling it, it’s fun, I can have a brief discussion about some of the whoas and woes of each, I can instantly tell when I’ve made progress, and I didn’t let time pass me by regretting the experiences.
It also helps to put forth a little extra in the positive mental attitude toward all things considered. 

‘Do whatever you want now because you won’t have time later’

‘Tomorrow is not an actual day of the week’

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