Cutting it Short

When it comes the road ahead we’re typically taught that it ends up being a bad play to take shortcuts. This is typically true, not always. As one said ‘A smart [person] always makes exceptions to the rule.’ This exception brought to you by years of experience in a high production environment - Computer Shortcuts are the most efficient way to get things done. It’s faster to use the copy paste command control / Cmd + C  than it is to right click, find copy and hit copy or if you’re bold you you go all the way up to file>copy. This time compounds over the day of which is saved. It also saves your sanity by doing the same thing over much faster than not. The computer only goes as fast as you are able to click, type, drag and drop. 
Which brings me to a bonus point of typing. The faster you can type the quicker you’ll be done with your tasks. 

‘Sometimes you’re the fire; sometimes the wood. Don’t ever get caught being wet wood.’

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