A Foreshadow of Balance

Remember how in recent we kept talking about the awe of [ChatGPT] then all of a sudden people kept losing their jobs?
The whole point of it is to solve problems with less thought, resources, etc. so we can spend more time solving complex problems in order to reach a higher standard of intellect. I recently skimmed through a 25 year copywriter getting slowly shoved off with an all of sudden dismissal of income because of it.

Lets take a trip down memory lane for a moment when we didn’t have micro-sized computers in our pockets with the internet at our literal fingertips (thumbs).

“You won’t carry around a calculator around with you blah blah blah” - the people trying to keep us excited about being indoctrinated with all the info about nothing. How could they have known what was coming though?

Snap back to now - you have an AI assistant at your fingertips. The massive layoffs across the board are creating the next revolution in the job market of an upcoming majority being small team, soloists on the adventure to build their own businesses.
If you think it’s a gig economy now, wait til it’s a booming gig economy.
This is the balance they’re creating with a market shift toward our selves cutting out the middle and garnishing our wages for ourselves by ourselves.

“You either find challenges from every opportunity or opportunities from every challenge.” 

“No smooth sea made for a great sailor.”

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